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  • Kansen Chu visits ZAEC with his delegation
    Source:this site  Date:11/13/2017  
    On the morning of Nov. 12, Kansen Chu, senator of House of Representatives of California, and Li Shudong, Chairman of Aero Sports Association, visited Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone with their team. They were accompanied by Zhang Yanming, member of Standing Committee of CPC Zhengzhou Municipal Committee and Secretary of Work Committee, Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone, CPC, Li Qiuhong, chief of Finance Bureau of Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone and Yang Yinghui, Vice Director of The Commerce Bureau of Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone, in the visit or the discussion.Kansen Chu and his delegation came to Henan Electronic Port Center to visit the construction achievement exhibition of Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone, watch the promotional video of the Zone and listen to the introduction to planning of Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone.Mr. Zhang Yanming welcomed the arrival of Kansen Chu and his delegation at the forum held by the Management Committee of Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone. The two sides conducted in-depth exchanges on the projects they planned to cooperate with each other and indicated that they would further strengthen communication and cooperation in the project. 
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